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Padhuka CA Final Students Referencer on Strategic Financial Management For New Syllabus By G Sekar App. for May 23 Exam

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Padhuka Students Referencer on Strategic Financial Management G Sekar



Strategic financial Management Subject of the Chartered Accountancy Final Course New Syllabus requires a Student to conceptually thorough with various Principles and also operationally enabled to handle practical situations in various areas, as provided in the Syllabus. Hence, the need is to have good Theory Background, and leverage it with adequate Practice of Practical Illustrations, to as to be able to face the Professional Exams with confidence

The New and Revised Edition of this Book comes with the following Special Features

  • Complete and Exhaustive Coverage of all Topics in the New Syllabus in a systematic and Cohesive manner for proper understanding of concepts and principles
  • Chapter Overview  for each Chapter to highlight the overall flow of the Chapter and aid in comprehensive reading   re-organized into separate Chapters and Sub-Topics
  • Theory Discussion presented in a Point-By-Point easily assailable fashion
  • Around 700 Illustrations classified into sequential segments to provide overall conceptual clarity, with effective presentation as required for Main Exams
  • Updated till the latest CA Main Exams and RTPs
  • Inclusion of more Pictures, Diagrams and Charts, in various topics to provide better clarity on concepts and to maintain the interests of Students  towards the subject

Highlights of this Book

  • Complete Coverage of Full Exam Syllabus
  • Use of Pictures Diagrams and Charts for Clarity
  • Past 54 Exams and RTPs Covered.
  • About 450 Concept Q&A, and detailed explanations
  • Reasoning of Concepts for clarity
  • About 700 Solved IIIustrations with Step-Wise Solutions for better understanding.


  1. Strategic Financial Management
  2. Capital Market & Related Services
  3. Security Analysis
  4. Portfolio Management
  5. Mutual Funds
  6. Hedge Funds
  7. Dividend Policy & Share Valuation
  8. Bond Valuation
  9. Derivative Instruments  A Conceptual Framework
  10. Futures
  11. Options
  12. Swaps and Interest Rate Derivatives
  13. International Finance
  14. Mergers and Acquisitions, Business Valuation, etc
  15. Sources of Finance   Other Matters
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