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Bharat CA Foundation Business Law&Business Correspondence&Reporting By Nitin Bhardwaj App. for May 2021

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Bharat CA Foundation Business Law & Business By Nitin Bhardwaj



Part A: The Indian Contract Act, 1872
Chapter 1?Nature of Contract
Chapter 2?Consideration
Chapter 3?Other Essential Elements of Valid Contract
Chapter 4?Performance of Contract
Chapter 5?Breach of Contract and Remedies
Chapter 6?Contingent & Quasi Contract
Part B: The Sale of Goods Act, 1930
Chapter 7?Formation of Contract of Sale
Chapter 8?Conditions and Warranties
Chapter 9?Unpaid Seller
Part C: The Partnership Act, 1932
Chapter 10?General Nature of Partnership
Chapter 11?Relations of Partners
Chapter 12?Registration and Dissolution of Firm
Part D: The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
Chapter 13?The Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008
Part E: The Companies Act, 2013
Chapter 14?The Companies Act, 2013
Part F: Business Correspondence and Reporting
Chapter 15?Communication
Chapter 16?Sentences – Types & Vocabulary
Chapter 17?Comprehensive Passage and Note Making
Chapter 18?Introduction to writing
Chapter 19?Formal Letter and Official Communication
Past Exam Question Papers & Suggested Answers
– November 2018
-?May 2019
-?December 2020
Question Bank
One Day Revision Before Exam
MCQs ? For Concept Clarity
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